Two years ago at the Tokyo International Auto Show, Mazda literally stole the show by unveiling the RX Vision concept, a spectacular-looking model that was powered by a new generation of Mazda’s well-known rotary engine. This year, Mazda once again stole the spotlight with two absolutely incredible concepts, the Mazda Kai and the Mazda Coupe Vision.


A new KODO philosophy for the Mazda Kai and the Mazda Coupe Vision


With the Mazda Kai and the Mazda Coupe Vision, Mazda presents its new design philosophy called KODO 2.0. It’s an evolution of the KODO design language that dictates the visual signature of all new Mazda vehicles, from the Mazda3 to the Mazda MX-5.


As for KODO 2.0, it’s an evolution of this visual language which is then applied to the Mazda Kai and Mazda Coupe Vision concepts. These two prototypes have been unanimously praised by the media and visitors of the show for their clean and refined lines that give both concepts a luxurious and especially modern look.


Mazda did not want to elaborate on the future of these two concepts, but it is clear that the Mazda Kai will serve as a starting point for the new generation of the Mazda3 scheduled for 2019. The compact dimensions of the concept are perfect for a next Mazda3 and the design would be a perfect evolution of the current model.


As for the Mazda Coupe Vision, again Mazda did not offer a lot of details so we have to speculate a bit. The concept could inspire the next generation of the Mazda6, or it could also be an all-new full-size sedan that will position itself at the top of the Mazda lineup. Under the hood, we could see a new rotary engine, or the new Mazda SKYACTIV-X engine.


Ultimately, it’s very difficult to know what Mazda is going to do with these two concepts, but what is certain is that in terms of design, the future is very bright at Mazda. To learn more about the Mazda range of new vehicles, contact us today at Gyro Mazda!