It’s definitely been quite some time since we’ve had the high-performance Mazdaspeed version of the 3 compacts.

Even with its current upmarket feel with the direction they’re headed towards, Mazda vehicles, in general, are quite driver-centric and phenomenally fun to drive. And as a whole, they seem to be a lot more luxurious and refined than ever before.

Mazda’s program manager Kota Beppu has told Autocar that the company is quite close to giving a thumbs up on to creating a high-performance version of the 3 to compete directly with the VW GTI.

It essential will use Mazda’s current turbocharged 2.5-litre-inline-four that Mazda currently uses in their 6 sedan and its CX-9 / CX-5 variants. It is however speculated to be detuned to 227hp and up to 250 hp with premium fuel. It will definitely exceed in torque with 310-lb-ft of it.

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