Alignment Service

Why Align Your Vehicle?

Alignment positions the wheels of a vehicle in correct relation to each other and to the vehicle structure. Proper wheel alignment is essential to the safe, smooth operation of a vehicle. Mazda highly recommends having your vehicle alignment checked regularly. It is a good practice to get alignment once per year.*

  • CorneringTravel curved paths safely
  • PredictableAvoid Surprises
  • FeedbackFeel how your vehicle responds
  • TrackingFollow the front wheels properly
  • Reduced Tire WearGet the maximum life from your tired
  • Directional StabilityMaintain the ability to follow when directed.
  • Fuel MileageReduce uneven friction and resistance
    to help ensure fuel to normal rates

Alignment Service

A Mazda is an intricate, highly sophisticated driving machine. If your Mazda needs an alignment, you want your service technician to know and understand your vehicle, so the job is performed quickly and correctly the first time.


an Alignment Inspection

  • Steering pulls to one side
  • Uneven wear on tires.
  • New tires or suspension components are installed

Wheel balance

Wheels become imbalanced when one section of the tire or wheel assembly is heavier than the others. Imbalanced tires will make a vehicle vibrate at certain speeds. To balance a wheel, a technician uses a balancing machine to locate the heavy section of the tire, then compensates by attaching a weight on the opposite side.

Mazda Factory Trained Technicians

Our Technicians
Nobody understands the heart and soul of a Mazda better than a Mazda trained expert. Our technicians are Factory Trained and up to date on the latest service bulletins, recalls, parts changes, and service procedures. Other shops can’t make such a powerful claim.
Genuine Parts
Should further repairs be necessary, Mazda Genuine Parts are the best fit for any Mazda vehicle and are the only parts covered under replacement parts limited warranty.
Scheduled Service Requirements
WDeveloped expressly for Canadian driving conditions. Mazda’s trained technicians are equipped with the knowledge and skill to assess misalignment problems and fix them quickly and accurately.