Brake Maintenance

Benefits of Brake Maintenance

Brake maintenance is part of Mazda's recommended maintenance schedule and is designed to keep your brake system functioning properly. In our Canadian climate, brake maintenance is important for:

Your safety is our number one priority. The braking system is one of the main safety elements active in any vehicle. Brake maintenance will ensure that the braking system is always in perfect working order.
Brake maintenance will help extend the life of critical brake components such as pads and rotors. Regular inspection and lubrication will help you avoid costly repairs caused by caliper seizure and uneven brake wear.
Have confidence in your Mazda's braking system, knowing your brakes have been properly inspected and maintained by a factory-trained professional who is an expert on Mazda vehicles.

Trust our Factory-Trained Technicians

Your Mazda was designed to deliver exhilarating performance, seamlessly and on demand. To maintain your Mazda's brake system, trust only your factory-trained technicians to:

Inspect wear and the condition of brake rotors, hoses and test your parking brake system. Also, we measure your brake pad thickness to ensure proper braking function.

Clean accumulated debris from all brake components, including brake rotors and pads, to help ensure your vehicle stops safely.

Apply silicone brake lubricant to your brake caliper rails, pins and sliders to help the calliper and brake pads move more freely in order to prevent premature wear and enhance your vehicle's safety.


Every 24,000 km or 12 months for all models except 2019 and newer Mazda3 and CX-30. The recommended interval for these models is every 24,000 km or 18 months.

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Our 10 Step Process

Mazda factory-trained craftsmen put their hearts into every vehicle, and their obsessive attention to detail means a meticulous brake maintenance process.

Step 1
Detach the brake pads/clips from the caliper bracket and remove debris from the caliper bracket and brake clips.
Step 2
Inspect and measure brake pads. Then replace or service the brake pads.
Step 3
Clean the brake pad and center groove from debris. A clean brake pad allows proper surface contact with the brake rotor.
Step 4
Apply silicone brake lubricant to the caliper bracket and brake clips.
Step 5
Apply silicone brake lubricant to the caliper pins. Proper lubrication helps prevent caliper seizure and uneven wear of the brake pads.
Step 6
Remove debris from the brake pad contact points to improve performance.
Step 7
Apply silicone brake lubricant to the outboard and inboard brake pad contact points for smoother operation.
Step 8
Remove debris from the brake rotor and the wheel mating surface.
Step 9
Re-install caliper brake bracket, and apply a coating of copper lube around the hub flange.
Step 10
Tighten wheels with torque wrench to manufacturer's specification.


Ask your factory-trained expert about brake maintenance for your Mazda today.

Visit your Mazda Clubhouse for brake components engineered with specific materials and tolerances that are designed to meet Mazda's high-quality standard.
All Genuine Mazda Parts and the Mazda maintenance schedule are designed to maintain your vehicle's safety and deliver the high performance you've come to expect.
When Mazda-trained technicians install your Genuine Mazda Brake Parts, you automatically take advantage of our Replacement Parts Limited Warranty.


Mazda is obsessed with creating a feeling of oneness between car and driver; a connection that helps ensure the car responds precisely and intuitively. To help you maintain the exhilaration of control, confidence, and a seamless connection with your Mazda, brake maintenance is part of your Mazda Scheduled Maintenance Requirements. Visit your Mazda Clubhouse of Driving Passion for expert brake maintenance.

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