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Receptionist / Cashier


The Automotive Receptionist/cashier is responsible for a wide range of clerical and administrative duties for the entire dealership. Duties of this position include, but are not limited to, answering the telephone and emails, greeting and supporting customers with all needs.

Core Competencies

  • Accountability
  • Adaptability
  • Communication
  • Critical Thinking
  • Planning and Organizing
  • Problem Solving
  • Service Orientation
  • Teamwork
  • Computer Skills

 Job Duties

  • Promptly answer telephone in a warm and inviting manner
  • Operate a multi-line telephone system, transferring calls to appropriate sales representative or department
  • Respond to emails in a timely manner
  • Coordinate and process customer payments, customer accounts, petty cash and cheque requisitions
  • Distributes mail and coordinates all courier pickups
  • Coordinates and processes all necessary documentation and payments for the service department
  • Organize, maintain, and coordinate Company records and files in their proper locations
  • Where necessary, assist in the compilation of data for various reports
  • Welcome on-site customers, determine nature of business, and announce visitors to appropriate personnel when necessary
  • Perform various clerical and administrative duties
  • Communicate with inquirers and visitors in a professional, friendly and effective manner
  • Acquire basic knowledge about the dealership, in order to be able to respond to inquiries for general information
  • Obtain basic demographic information on every customer, using a follow-up file (Deskit & TMS), a computer system, a checklist or any other method established by the dealership
  • Record data in a customer tracking program and prepare weekly reports
  • Bring vehicles into inventory; assign stock number, add to Deskit, CDK
  • Manage Licensing for Customers; New Ownerships, Plate Transfers, Lease/Finance Deals, etc.
  • Submit Weekly Traffic Report for Dealership
  • Enter keys into electronic key system
  • Provide information to customers on various dealership promotions
  • Answer basic customer inquiries or direct customer to appropriate personnel
  • Maintain the reception area and customer waiting area in a tidy and presentable manner
  • Maintain stock for customer use; hot chocolate, coffee, tea, etc.
  • Coordinate and process all necessary documentation and payments for the service and parts
  • Any other duties as assigned
  • Orientation
  • Order Global registration supplies
  • Maintain brochure display and notify manager when order is needed.

 Work Conditions

  • Manual dexterity required to use desktop computer and peripherals
  • Overtime as required
  • Fast paced dealership / Service Centre setting
  • Varying work hours including evenings and weekends

Location: Automotive Receptionist/ cashier

Call Centre Agent

The Call Centre Agent acts as the primary point of contact and representative for our dealers in the Toronto area. They act as connection point between the customer and the sales department, taking charge of inbound business opportunities and promoting conversions into qualified appointments.

Call Centre Agents answer phone calls and emails from customers and initiate calls to schedule and confirm appointments in English and some French. In addition, their duties include regular communication follow-ups to existing customers, as well as the management of specific communication campaigns.


  • Answer emails and phone calls from customers who have demonstrated an interest in the company’s products;
  • Communicate with customers by phone or email to provide information, promote business opportunities and/or to book and confirm appointments;
  • Assist customers during their navigation on the website;
  • Chat online with customers surfing on the company’s website;
  • Provide information on and actively promote motor vehicles or promotions;
  • Enter the result of each communication into the CRM software and perform necessary follow-ups;
  • Make sure a high level of customer satisfaction is always maintained;
  • Build trust and maintain a solid business relationship with customers;
  • Provide proactive communication with each customer after conclusion of sale:
  • Find opportunities for renewal and for new business through multiple contacts with the dealers’ customers;
  • Take part in team meetings, workshops and individual development sessions;
  • Perform any other assigned task.


  • Perfect spoken and written English;
  • Can handle heavy phone contact (minimum 40 – 60 calls per day);
  • Quick learner with no fear of challenge, driven & determined;
  • Ability to work multiple software applications;
  • Professional work ethic, responsible, vested interest in dealership success;
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills;
  • Previous call center experience is an asset;
  • Outgoing, positive, ‘smile’ on phone: fully grasp and apply the best practice guidelines for outgoing / incoming calls, emails and campaigning;

Sales Associate

General Summary

The Sales Consultant must manage the sales activities of the dealership through promoting and selling the full range of Hyundai new and used car products, while delivering the highest level of customer service.

Duties and Responsibilities

Deliver Value for the Customer

  • Establishes and maintains good working relationships with customers to encourage repeat and referral business
  • Ensures that customer complaints are handled tactfully, promptly, with genuine concern, and according to the dealership’s guidelines
  • Creates an environment where customers are regularly apprised of the current situation
  • Takes the initiative to exceed customer satisfaction, even if it requires overcoming obstacles
  • Ensures that each and every customer encounter is positive and consistent
  • Maintains a prospect development system; prospects customers using the dealer customer database, telephone, visits, referrals and secondary research
  • Approaches, greets, and offers assistance or direction to any customer who enters the dealership showroom or sales lot
  • Assists customers in selecting a vehicle by asking questions and listening carefully to their responses
  • Fully explains vehicle performances and new products, features, accessories, etc., and their benefits to prospects; describes all options available for customer purchase
  • Offers test drives to all prospects; makes arrangements for customers to test drive vehicles
  • Follows dealership procedure to obtain proper identification from customer prior to test drive
  • Assists Delivery Coordinator in preparing sold vehicles for customer delivery prior to customer arrival; arranges the handover of vehicles
  • When necessary, required to complete the Vehicle Delivery Checklist before delivering a vehicle
  • When necessary, delivers vehicles to customers; acquaints each customer with the working of the vehicle, ensuring that the customer understands the vehicle’s operating features, warranty and paperwork
  • When necessary, takes responsibility of introducing customers to the service team specialists and assists customers in scheduling the first maintenance appointment, emphasizing the quality and efficiency of service repairs and maintenance available in the dealership’s Service Department
  • Assists in follow up on all post-delivery items, tag/title work, “we-owes” and special requests to be sure that all customer expectations are met
  • Apprises customers of payment options
  • Processes sales orders
  • Maintains an owner follow-up system that encourages repeat and referral business and contributes to customer satisfaction. Must stay in contact with sold customers at lease every 90 days.
  • Follows up with all sales customers within 1 day of visit or call.
  • Ensures that the showroom is presentable, functional and in accordance with Hyundai standards
  • Makes certain that all vehicles are priced and specified correctly
  • Facilitates the relocation of vehicles between the showroom and departments as directed
  • Follows up on internet leads assigned to them within 1 hour.
  • Keeps in contact with all customers
  • Refers customers to the dealer Finance Manager when appropriate
  • Initiates appraisal process by filling out appraisal form with customer.
  • Stays abreast of the full Hyundai range of vehicles and their respective specifications; looks over supplies of vehicle brochures
  • Stays abreast of the comparable product ranges of Hyundai’s direct competitors
  • Identifies, recommends and supports opportunities for methods/process improvement
  • Administers and monitors factory-sponsored programs
  • Maintains a professional appearance at all times 

Meet Objectives

  • Complete JVTN daily progress report.
  • Acts quickly to implement plans; organizes work effectively; follows up to ensure successful implementation.
  • Prioritizes work to meet demands and customer needs
  • Establishes personal income goals that are consistent with dealership standards of productivity, and devises a strategy to meet those goals
  • Reviews and analyzes actions at the end of each day, week, month, and year to determine how to better utilize time and plans more effectively
  • Processes 100% of closed deals with Finance and Insurance Manager, along with properly completed paperwork (insurance information, trade title, etc.)
  • Uses dealership sales control and follow-up system
  • Conforms to budgetary constraints
  • Agrees on a personal development plan within the Hyundai Performance Academy or HY-SPEC
  • Maintains safe working standards and abides by regulations set out by the Hyundai dealership

Create Collaborative Partnerships

  • Strives for harmony and teamwork within the sales department and other departments
  • Communicates verbally and non-verbally clearly, concisely and with enthusiasm in one-on-one and group interactions
  • Communicates regularly with members of other departments as part of the dealership team
  • Builds productive working relationships, consults with others as necessary
  • Has an approachable style; fosters open communication through active listening; listens actively to understand others completely
  • Produces accurate and clearly written documentation
  • Works collaboratively with internal and external customers
  • Takes initiative to help others as needed
  • Persuades others to accept a point of view or obtain commitment
  • Attends and participates in sales meetings
  • Attends ALL JVTN in dealer training sessions.

Function During Change and Uncertainty

  • Presents self as a positive role model by demonstrating commitment to other staff, customers, dealership and company
  • Departs from traditional ways of doing things to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Shifts priorities and goals as work demands change
  • Utilizes all available information to ensure proper resolution of problems; makes and implements decisions to accomplish goals and meet deadlines
  • Recommends innovative solutions to make procedures more efficient
  • Resolves all disputes and difficulties with professionalism and composure
  • Performs multiple tasks simultaneously in order to meet and exceed deadlines and expectations; maintains composure when faced with multiple demands
  • Effectively handles change in the department; implements and adapts to changes quickly and efficiently; encourages others to value change
  • Analyzes past sales figures to determine new promotions to advance the sale of vehicles
  • Maintains high ethical standards at all times

Integrate Expertise with Business Strategy

  • Establishes knowledge base of auto industry competition
  • Keeps up-to-date on all information pertinent (e.g., dealership policies and procedures) to the Sales Consultant position.
  • Fosters a high level of sales while understanding the commercial environment
  • Understands and complies with federal, state and local regulations that affect the sales department
  • Attends product and sales training courses as requested by Sales Manager
  • Keeps abreast of new products, features, accessories, etc., and their benefits to customers
  • Knows and understands equity and values, and is able to explain depreciation to the customer

Responsible for other duties as assigned and/or required by business need


The following qualities and attributes successfully characterize a professional Sales Consultant:

  • Desires challenging work in a changing environment
  • Sells effectively and consistently at a high level
  • Understands customer requirements while mindful of commercial opportunities
  • Owns an inherent affinity towards automobiles and the Hyundai brand in particular
  • Holds a strong communicative capacity with fellow employees and customers alike
  • Has a strong inclination towards success and making a profit, while understanding commercial limitations

The education and experience requirements listed below are representative of the competencies required to perform the primary duties and responsibilities of the job successfully:

  • Minimum of High School degree or equivalent
  • Two years of college with a business-related emphasis is preferred.
  • Two years of sales experience.
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Clean driving record
  • Clean criminal record


The physical and work demands listed below are representative of the demands required to perform the primary duties and responsibilities of the job successfully.  Reasonable accommodations may be provided to enable the Sales Consultant to perform the primary duties and responsibilities.


  • Walking about the dealership and lots
  • Bending, stretching, lifting, climbing and reaching
  • Standing six to eight hours during a shift
  • Using physical and manual dexterity
  • Using computers to look up and enter data
  • Using equipment consistent with industry standards
  • Driving a vehicle


  • Noise
  • Dust
  • Frequently outside – all seasons